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Finding secrets online

14.02.2018 10:00 - 18:00

Singerstr. 109
10179 Berlin

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A whole day about how to debunk news, how to fact check who is behind suspicious websites, methods of validating documents etc.

Henk van Ess goes Fast en Furious with stuff that seems impossible to validate. In this anthology of his work with European media and Bellingcat, Henk will share the power of logical thinking.

Who is behind the mysterious note of an IS-warrior? What is the full name of that completely anonymous Youtuber? That Egyptian missile launcher lying in the dump, is it real? What is the secret address of the CEO? What is the telephone number of a guy that really doesn't want to be found? Experience some amazing Houdini-acts, inspired by harsh deadlines. When your done with this training, you leave with plenty of tips to validate stuff. Any stuff.

What will you learn?

  1. The trouble with Google: why normal search in Google is biased and how to fix that.

  2. Verification without nerdy tools. Who is behind Wannacry virus-attack?

  3. How to make a profile of a terrorist and find his hidden friends.

  4. How to find deleted Facebook profiles.

  5. The power of finding an email address and how to use it for validation.

  6. Who is behind a secretive company and how open sources can lead to news.

  7. Verifying stories of Syrian refugees: new tricks in

  8. Fantastic Facebook Formula’s ; how to make deep queries without using search box or tools.

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