Steal Our Stories

We want to expose wrongdoings with our investigations. To change things, we need that as many people as possible know about these stories. We are therefore happy that you use, take or share our work. For free.

However, there a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • You are not allowed to change our stories. This is partly because sometimes the main characters in our investigations threaten to file cases against us. Very often it is just a small nuance which makes the difference between true and false. If you use our stories, please only unchanged and unabridged.
  • If you share our investigations online, you must link to our original story. Please add all the links included in our original story.
  • In the case of online publications, you must also add our tracking pixel, if we have included it at the bottom of our story.
  • Please don’t forget to credit the authors of the story you are sharing. Use their full names and also mention, preferably in the byline. And please let us know about every (re)publication by sending an email to info (at)
  • If you want to share our stories, your website should include your contact details. 
  • You are not allowed to (re)sell our materials.
  • If you want to use pictures or any other multimedia materials (everything except text), please contact us.