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As a nonprofit investigative newsroom, CORRECT!V depends on your help. Our long-term investigative research requires long-term support. Our work and services are primarily financed through membership fees and donations. As a member you can ensure that our reporting remains free from outside influence, whether from political parties, interest groups or industry.

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Independent journalism needs independent financing

CORRECT!V is one of many responses to the media crisis. The old business models are becoming less and less effective. At the same time journalists must find new, innovative ways to explain an increasingly complex world. Because of this demand, many media outlets are having problems fulfilling their watchdog role. CORRECT!V wants to make investigative journalism affordable and accessible to every publisher, media outlet and citizen in Germany.

Our investigations range from deadly hospital superbugs to Nazi terror, the downing of Flight MH17 and the Free Trade Agreement TTIP, among others.

CORRECT!V has not only investigated stories, but also initiated training programs to pass on the methods of investigative journalism. We want to help as many people as possible gather information and ensure transparency.

CORRECT!V is funded mainly by donations and contributions from members and foundations. It is a pioneer in the realm of non-profit journalism. In addition to the classic pillars of for-profit and public journalism, we believe non-profit is an important third pillar in the journalistic world. Our commitment to staying non-profit allows CORRECT!V to solely commit itself to the public.

In order to plan long-term and secure our independence, we need members who support us. The market won’t help, so we have to take the defense of our civil rights into our own hands. We must stand together before it's too late. We need you.

Why you should support us

You're helping to defend independent non-profit journalism that is passionate. Your support as a member secures our work in the long term. The strengthening of independent journalism is an important contribution to the betterment of society, since it helps to promote education and civil rights. Only independent journalists can ensure truthfulness, fair coexistence and democratic culture. You are doing something for the diversity of opinion in Germany.

What we will do with your money

We invest the contributions of our members into many different research projects, and we publish a detailed quarterly report on the use of those funds. Each member has access to these quarterly reports on our community page. Our annual publishing reports are freely available on our website.

What is in it for you

You receive insights

Our reporters can give you further information on your topics of interest. Initially, that includes links to content, contact lists and documents. We will also give you access to our research protocols and timelines. We let you delve into our research.

You receive our publications

We will release yearbooks and bookzines which you receive free of charge. As a member you also have free access to our internal ebook store. You can download all our electronic publications and document libraries. You can even send our ebooks to your friends. As a member of CORRECT!V our content also belongs to you.

Nonprofit charity

CORRECT!V is a nonprofit organization. All your membership fees and donations are tax-deductible. We are happy to send you a donation receipt for the tax authorities.

You can get involved

You are able to participate in our work. You can support us with your expertise or assist us in conducting investigative surveys. Get involved – we look forward to working with you.

You receive support

We help members of CORRECT!V gain access to the information they are legally entitled to under the German Freedom of Information Act or the State Press Acts. With our assistance you can acquire the information you need.

You can drop in

You receive free or discounted tickets to our events which include lectures, presentations, meetings with authors, field visits, Google Hangouts and workshops. You have access to roundtable discussions that CORRECT!V organizes with external experts. Come by and bring a friend. 

You receive a welcome gift

You will receive a little gift as a sign of our gratitude. Let us surprise you!

We want you!

We are speaking to all people who want to protect independent and non-profit journalism against external threats.

We speak to people who:

  • want independent information
  • believe in passionate investigations
  • want to stand up for their rights as citizens
  • are interested in education about social conflicts
  • want solid facts in order to get involved.

We are speaking to you.


Behind CORRECTIV are 16 permanent staff members and reporters, as well as two additional administrative staffers. CORRECTIV also employs freelance journalists and journalists who manage individual projects. CORRECTIV is headed by David Schraven. Markus Grill is our editor-in-chief. An ethics council with many well-known members including Oliver Schröm oversees the editorial work to guarantee ethical practices.

CORRECTIV is supported by CORRECTIV - Research for Society gGmbH. This is a non-profit company based in Essen. Managing director of the company is David Schraven. The business side of CORRECTIV - Research for Society gGmbH is overseen by a supervisory board that includes Dr. Hedda von Wedel and Andrew Murphy.

CORRECTIV is financed mainly through donations from citizens and funds provided by foundations. We disclose any donations or funding of more than 1,000 Euros on our website.

Our initial donor is the Brost Foundation in Essen, who supported us in the first three years with a total of three million euros. The Brost Foundation goes back to Anneliese Brost and her husband Erich Brost – the founder of the WAZ Media Group in Essen.

More notable sponsors are the Rudolf Augstein Foundation, the Schöpflin Foundation and the Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung).