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Do you have confidential information that are in the public interest or would you like to share information for us to investigate? You can share them here with us.

We’re treating your documents confidentially and you remain anonymous, to us as well.

You can anonymously upload files to our server here, no matter which file type. You can also upload SQL and similar database systems or video and audio files.

Your documents as well as your message are encrypted using the SSL standard that is also being used in online banking. In addition, the files are being encrypted through GnuPG technology during the upload, which means that only the CORRECTIV team can decrypt the files. Even if a third party could get access to uploaded files it would not be able to open them.

If you have documents to share please consider adding a message to us. Sometimes documents do not explain themselves and some context can be useful.


Alternatively you can also send us an E-mail to hinweise(at)correctiv.org. If you would like to send us an E-Mail anonymously you can use a “One-Time-Email”, which can easily be created at nervmich.net or 10minutemail.com. You do not need to register or share personal information. You can check the inbox for a few hours or minutes before it gets deleted.

Security advice

Do not use your private computer or any computer of your employer if you would like to share confidential documents with us. Consider visiting a public internet cafe or a library where you can use a third-party computer, ideally without registration.

Upload your files directly from a USB drive to our upload interface, without copying it onto the hard drive of the computer. Once done, delete browser history and cache.

Using the Tor system you can hide your location on the internet. You can find an explanation here: http://www.torproject.org/