Network for collaborative local journalism

CORRECTIV.Lokal initiates investigations that are particularly relevant for local citizens and also have national significance.

The Project

CORRECTIV establishes a Germany-wide network for local journalists to start and conduct investigations together.

CORRECTIV.Lokal will create and evaluate databases and offer local media a platform to allow readers to participate in investigations, for example, via the CrowdNewsroom developed by CORRECTIV. We preprocess easily accessible results. Local journalists can then publish locally relevant stories.

The aim of CORRECTIV.Lokal is to strengthen local investigative journalism. We want to establish a new form of cooperation for this purpose. Readers learn how injustices and abuses of power have a concrete impact on their lives. Through coordinated publication, a local topic can become relevant throughout Germany and trigger debates.

An ongoing project of this kind is Who owns Hamburg?, related to ownership conditions in the residential real estate market. We have already extended the concept to Berlin and Düsseldorf.

For local journalists

Membership and cooperation are free of charge and offer local journalists the opportunity to carry out extensive investigations locally.

For this purpose, we invite individual journalists from daily newspapers, freelance journalists, local bloggers and technical experts to become members of the CORRECTIV.Lokal network.



Who owns Berlin?

A cooperation with Tagesspiegel

Press Releases (German)


Who owns Düsseldorf?

A cooperation with Rheinischen Post


Who owns Hamburg?

A cooperation with Hamburger Abendblatt



For specific questions about the project or individual investigations:

Justus von Daniels, Head of CORRECTIV.Lokal
030 555 780 224

Sponsors & Partners

The Rudolf Augstein Foundation supports CORRECTIV.Lokal financially. Stephanie Reuter, Managing Director of the Rudolf Augstein Foundation, says: “Collaborating to improve the quality of local critical reporting – this innovative approach by CORRECTIV.Lokal is very convincing to us. Data analyses are a means of uncovering hidden power and interest structures. During the development of CORRECTIV.Lokal, the Rudolf Augstein Foundation also finances the creation of a blueprint to allow as many other countries as possible to adapt the concept. Because one thing is certain: the importance of cooperation in the journalistic field is growing, both globally and locally – and that’s a good thing.”

With “Bureau Local”, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism in London has established the model of collaborative journalism for Great Britain in a very successful way. CORRECTIV.Lokal has concluded a partnership with “Bureau Local” for its actual implementation.
Megan Lucero, Director of Bureau Local in London says: “Bureau Local has built up a large network of local partners to tell intense stories and uncover injustices and abuses of power. We are very pleased that this model is also being transferred to Germany and look forward to supporting CORRECTIV in its implementation.”