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The guiding principle of CORRECT!V is "investigation for society.” We train people in the methods of (investigative) journalism and publish our own investigations that uncover structural ills. In the best case, these investigations should lead to change for the better. We are already achieving first results through our education and investigative efforts.

In the first months, we have organized dozens of events: readings, discussions, workshops and much more. Thanks to the aid of the Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung), we are currently traveling from town to town to bring citizens free education on how to use their freedom of information rights. Events of this type usually attract around 50 people, and we will organize 50 of these events within the next two years. We have produced an exhibition on right-wing terrorism in Germany and Europe, which was initially shown in our office and is now touring through the country.

We have published our investigations and stories in a variety of media outlets, including the weekly political magazine Spiegel, the weekly newspapers ZEIT and Der Freitag, the daily newspaper Algemeen Dagblad in the Netherlands and the local Munich newspaper tz. Our story about the downing of flight MH17 has been translated into numerous languages and published in France, the Netherlands, the USA, Eastern Europe and Asia. Our investigation on multi-resistant superbugs has appeared in dozens of regional newspapers and even influenced politics. For example, the German Ministry of Health has introduced a 10-point plan to combat these deadly superbugs. Additionally, our investigations on court donations resulted in numerous regional and national media stories about the corruption risks in German courts. Several State Audit Courts (Landesrechnungshöfe) are now demanding changes in the allocation of money collected through fines.

We have also published several books. The investigative comic "Weisse Wölfe“ (White Wolves) explores the ideology and danger behind the NSU and similar right-wing terrorist cells. The textbook "reden – schreiben – wirken" (speak – write – act) deals with the use of language. The book "Flight MH17 – Searching for the truth“ contains our investigation and research into the downing of the passenger aircraft over the Ukraine. You can order these books in our online shop. More publications are coming soon.

In addition, we are enabling citizens and others – especially freelance journalists – to finance their investigations. We have launched a crowd-funding platform through which we have collected more than 20,000 Euros for independent investigative projects in only a few weeks. Anyone with a project can apply. We help with the financing, investigation and publication.

Numerous media at home and abroad have reported on CORRECT!V. Many of these reports can be found via a Google search. CORRECT!V also speaks at numerous conferences and events.


  • Grimme Online Award 2015 in the category „Information": "MH 17 – Searching for the truth" is the result of great research, perfectly prepared. [...] The jury commends this project as an outstanding example for the merger of digital storytelling methods with traditional journalistic skills. They recognize it as an example of the numerous contributions of high journalistic quality that characterize the nonprofit research office CORRECT!V and which the newsroom provides to other media outlets.“
  • Franco-German Journalism Award 2015 in the category "Multimedia": "Through extensive research the authors were able to reconstruct the alleged downing of the passenger aircraft. They have reconciled and verified existing evidence from various sources with facts on the field. Multimedia elements were put to good use in order to make an interesting story plausible to tell.“
  • Axel Springer Award 2015: 2nd prize in the category "Internet" for "Court Donations"
  • Journalist of the Year 2014 by the magazine "Medium Magazin" in the category "Newcomer": "CORRECT!V experiments with new forms of journalism-financing and sparked a debate about non-profit journalism. By breaking down themes of national importance locally, the team got off to a promising start."
  • Lead Award 2014: Bronze in the category "Independent of the Year"

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