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As a nonprofit investigative newsroom, CORRECT!V depends on your help. Our long-term investigative research requires long-term support. Our work and services are primarily financed through membership fees and donations. As a member you can ensure that our reporting remains free from outside influence, whether from political parties, interest groups or industry.

We welcome your donations. We are even more grateful for membership fees – they allow us to make long-term plans and to expand our capacity. Your fees enable us to do more investigative research, dig deeper and provide you with greater support.
Membership carries special benefits. These include access to background information about our investigations, free yearbooks and ebooks as was well as invitations to our events. We can help you exercise your right to access certain information held by public authorities. You may also become a member of our community and help decide which topics we should focus on in the future.

Lend us your support – together we can create a new form of journalism.

Benefits of membership

Nonprofit charity

CORRECT!V is a nonprofit organization. All your membership fees and donations are tax-deductible. We are happy to send you a donation receipt for the tax authorities.

You receive our newsletter

We will send you summaries of our ongoing investigations to keep you up to date.

You can join our community

As a member you have the option to become part of our community and get involved in our work. You can have a say in finding the topics upon which we should focus. Through the community you can make contact with other members. You can create a digital user profile, receive individualized reading recommendations and have direct access to the authors.

You can get involved

You are able to participate in our work. You can support us with your expertise or assist us in conducting investigative surveys. Get involved – we look forward to working with you.

You receive support

We help members of CORRECT!V gain access to the information they are legally entitled to under the German Freedom of Information Act or the State Press Acts. With our assistance you can acquire the information you need.

You stay up to date

Our reporters can send you regular updates on your topics of interest that we investigate. These are short messages, bits of information or notes from interviews with our sources. We will help you remain on top of the issues. What happens after an article is published? We will let you know how readers, other media outlets and state officials react to our stories.

You receive insights

Our reporters can give you further information on your topics of interest. Initially, that includes links to content, contact lists and documents. We will also give you access to our research protocols and timelines. We let you delve into our research.

You receive our publications

We will release yearbooks and bookzines which you receive free of charge. As a member you also have free access to our internal ebook store. You can download all our electronic publications and document libraries.

You can share our content

You can pass on any content you have access to as a member of CORRECT!V to your friends via Twitter, Facebook or email. This allows you to share your membership benefits with others. You can even send our ebooks to your friends. As a member of CORRECT!V our content also belongs to you.

Your name on our website

We list the names of all our members and donors who contribute over €1000 a year on our website.

You can drop in

You receive free or discounted tickets to our events which include lectures, presentations, meetings with authors, field visits, Google Hangouts and workshops. You have access to roundtable discussions that CORRECT!V organizes with external experts.

Come by and bring a friend. As a member you always have access to a second free or discounted ticket. Once a year we will invite you to our big get-together – a party for all members of CORRECT!V.

You receive a welcome gift

You will receive a little gift as a sign of our gratitude. Let us surprise you!

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