The House of Non-profit Journalism

A Project for the Future

We at CORRECTIV have a dream. We would like to create a place where people can meet, exchange ideas, and learn from each other. The Schöpflin Foundation has shared this dream. We’re jointly developing the House of Non-Profit Journalism, aiming at establishing a European hub.

Together with the Schöpflin Foundation, we are planning a place for a critical audience. A place where people learn how to collect, process and disseminate information. A place where people make media, where they learn about new techniques and pass them on. A place for the future. A European centre for non-profit journalism. A place where networking in Germany and around the world is promoted. We want to further develop the third pillar of the enlightened society, beyond public legal broadcasting and private publishing houses. Because every good idea needs a place where it can thrive.

Contact: standort (at)