The Dealers

The success of the Free Trade Agreement depends on them: the TTIP Dealers. We show the careers of the people negotiating in our name - as far as we got. Our interactive network analysis makes the background of the negotiators more transparent.

Free trade negotiations are usually led by experts. The TTIP dealers negotiate in the name of hundreds of million citizens on both sides of the Atlantic. On one side the representatives of the European Union. On the other side the delegation of the US Trade Representative. We want to find out more about them.


Who are the dealers?

The inner circle of the negotiations consists of civil servants from the European Commission and the US trade agency. Many have worked in ministries, some also in the private sector.

The negotiations are conducted in 24 working groups headed by 70 chief negotiators. Beside them, around 120 other civil servants take part in the negotiations according to their expertise.

The civil servants only negotiate about the issues politicians set. EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström is responsible for the EU positions. In consultation with Member States, the European Commission decides on the negotiation framework presented to the civil servants. The political strategy of the Unites States is represented by Michael Froman, Head of the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative.

Both, the US authorities and the European Commission refused inquiries to release information about the negotiators. We were able to find out some information. We reveal the negotiators’ connections and backgrounds. Who knows whom? Who worked with whom? Who comes from which professional background?

But that is not enough. We want to find out more. Do you know other TTIP negotiators? Send us information. We review und make everything public what we can responsibly release. Send us an email to:

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Investigation: Justus von Daniels, Marta Orosz
Visualization: Moritz Klack (, Stefan Wehrmeyer, Simon Jockers