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Whistleblower are very important to society. Only whistleblowers can inform the public about undesirable developments in companies and offices. <o:p></o:p>Our common understanding is, that it is important to support and protect whistleblowers. This is the reason why we partner up with networks protecting whistleblowers – we want to improve their security in Europe.

You have confidential information that needs to be published or you want to give us a story we should investigate? The following options are available to contact us.

Phone / Fax

Please note that communication via phone / fax is not encrypted and therefore insecure.

  • Office Essen: +49 (0) 201 – 747 178 60
  • Office Berlin: +49 (0) 30 – 555 780 20
  • Fax: +49 (0) 30 – 555 780 2 20

Postal Mail

  • Office Essen: CORRECTIV, Huyssenallee 11, 45128 Essen
  • Office Berlin: CORRECTIV, Singerstraße 109, 10179 Berlin

Anonymous upload of messages and files

You can find our anonymous dropbox here:


You can communicate with our journalist via PGP/GPG encrypted email. An instruction how to set this up can be found here.

Here is a list of the public keys of our journalists:

Name Email Key ID Fingerprint Public Key
Marcus Bensmann Marcus Bensmann

GUS-Staaten, Osteuropa, Sowjetunion, Russland

Flight MH17, The System of Putin 1620D13F D555 4A6B FC4C 46A9 660C DD6B 2F5A 938E 1620 D13F Download Public Key
David Crawford David Crawford

Conducting investigations

Understanding secret organizations

Knowing when to say 'no'

Flight MH17, The System of Putin CE9C9DF3 A6AC 38F7 9AC5 8821 2190 D9EE F0DB 244E CE9C 9DF3 Download Public Key
Simon Kretschmer Simon Kretschmer More Details B867323F BA21 15C8 EE6D E79E ED65 DC4E 2B3D B957 B867 323F Download Public Key
Marta Orosz Marta Orosz

TTIP – The Deal 95D6EFFA 1977 71E3 A07D E2FA FC68 2571 05CC BB84 95D6 EFFA Download Public Key
Frederik Richter Frederik Richter

Korruption, Banken, Naher Osten.

More Details F00478FF 21FA BCFC D8B7 DD8D C2ED 554B B0E9 85E8 F004 78FF Download Public Key
Tania Röttger Tania Röttger

Verifikation, Auskunftsrechte
Themen: Desinformation, Transparenz, Sicherheit, Justiz

Court Donations, Ungerechte Arbeitswelt, Justiz und Polizei 8FED0976 1055 D5F5 B1B9 D905 A7CA A58D 5CB6 E165 8FED 0976 Download Public Key
Jonathan Sachse Jonathan Sachse

Doping im Fußball, Immobilienmarkt, generell unsinnige Verwendung von Steuergeld und Team-Recherchen von Journalisten und Bürgern

Court Donations, Ungerechte Arbeitswelt, Football Doping, Sparkassen, Wohnen 00912CB2 FCB0 E910 FF7C E61E F001 867B D455 3098 Download Public Key
Bastian Schlange Bastian Schlange

hauptsächlich Straßen-Expertise
(Guerilla-Journalismus, Magazin + Reportage)

Alte Apotheke, Die Tierdiebe 7D12B6AD 72DE 4E67 05C7 2B17 A28A 36C9 1D71 B668 7D12 B6AD Download Public Key
David Schraven David Schraven

Recherchen, Nachrichten, Reportagen - Themen: Organisierte Kriminalität, Korruption, Umweltsünden, Informationsfreiheit

Alte Apotheke, Weisse Wölfe C70F6E34 FDB4 7260 D8A6 88AC 1D6D B6A1 4FD5 6243 C70F 6E34 Download Public Key
Oliver Schröm Oliver Schröm More Details 475EE424 609D DF6C AB03 A007 EE34 68DD 46C2 87C3 475E E424 Download Public Key
Simon Wörpel Simon Wörpel

Daten, Newsroom-Hacking, crowdbasierte Recherchen, kann auch schreiben

Alte Apotheke, Ungerechte Arbeitswelt, Sparkassen, Wohnen 2EFFA5E4 4AAE B223 E3D0 9119 9ABE FEE8 E639 20A4 2EFF A5E4 Download Public Key
Justus von Daniels Justus von Daniels

Court Donations, Justiz und Polizei, Agrarwirtschaft, TTIP – The Deal, Wohnen 9E2F482C C3E2 C881 91F2 8099 3573 1936 AE91 3C1E 9E2F 482C Download Public Key

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