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Community Relation Management - a Software for Startups
30.08.2019 • Düsseldorf

Community Relation Management – a Software for Startups

In this Workshop we want to discuss the development of a Community Relation Managament Software that helps newsrooms to communicate and interact with their newsrooms. This Workshop is by invitation only - and in English language.

Why do we need a CommunityRM?

Newsrooms are operating in an increasingly challenging market, with traditional business models failing to keep pace with the changing environment. In addition, journalism is increasingly seen as isolated from the communities it aims to represent and has arguably as a result failed to predict and cover major recent events.

An engaged approach to journalism offers the opportunity to reestablish our roots within communities, as well as a business model that is not based on ever dwindling advertising revenue. This new two way relationship with readers requires new infrastructure to leverage the potential for both online and offline engagement and improve both our journalism and business sustainability.

Who will use it? Why does everybody need a CommunityRM who is running a non-profit newsroom or a community funded newsroom.

A community approach to journalism presents lots of opportunities but also many challenges, from how to give users the ability to get involved through to how to manage financial contributions. Newsrooms, particularly smaller ones, don’t have the expertise or resources to handle the administrative burden of managing a community. However, many aspects of that burden could be handled by a CommunityRM, from enabling users to self-administer most aspects of their membership through to providing managed channels for engagement.

We know, that we need this Software – And we need it now.