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Mit unseren regelmäßigen Veranstaltungen möchten wir alle Interessierten einladen, bei Lesungen, Workshops und Diskussionsrunden neue Informationen und Anregungen zu gewinnen und sich am Austausch mit Referenten und Gästen zu beteiligen.

„Facebook search secrets and the best tricks to find people online” – Day 1 – Workshop with Henk van Ess
27.11.2019 • Berlin

Day 1 – Facebook search secrets and the best tricks to find people online – Workshop with Henk van Ess

It’s Friday afternoon. The news has broken that Jihadi John, IS-executioner, is Mohammed Emwazi and lived in a normal house in London. How do you find his family? How do you find videos from inside his house? How do you prove that his brother has ties to extremists? And how do you do all this in two hours? It seems impossible. But if you know how to „digitalize“ the three fundamental questions in journalism — who, what, when — you can’t fail.

During our two-day workshop, media trainer and data journalist Henk van Ess will lead you by example. His motto: if it’s out there, let’s find it. You will be shown actual research for Die Welt, Bild, Daily Telegraph, Volkskrant and other leading European media houses. You will not only learn about the best tools but also develop a lasting strategy to find information by not thinking like a human, but as a computer does. Some highlights: 

  • How to find a network of people very fast
  • How to find cell phone numbers faster than ever 
  • How to find the secret Facebook accounts of famous people 
  • How to find eyewitnesses on Twitter extremely fast 
  • How to follow people on Twitter without being noticed 
  • How to use Facebook Graph to find people

It’s possible to search millions of personal details on Facebook with a new service called Graph. Henk will teach you how to use this technology creatively with real world examples: 

  • How do you find employees of a weapons company? 
  • What photos did the Russians take in the Ukraine? 
  • How do I access videos from Facebook users? 
  • How do I find the relatives of a criminal? 

You will learn a new language that will open a whole new world of research possibilities. The workshop will be held in English, but Henk is fluent in German, so do not hesitate to come up with questions or examples in German. 

About the trainer:  

Dutch born Henk van Ess is obsessed with finding news in data. European media houses like Axel Springer, Persgroep, European Broadcasting Union and Schibstedt love his literal and lateral thinking and hire Henk on a regular basis to spill his secrets. 

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In 2019 we offer 2-day workshops for the first time. On the one hand for participants who want to deal with the topics intensively and on the other hand for attendees of our workshops in the past three years who want to update and deepen their knowledge.

On day 2 Henk will cover advanced stuff, for participants from day 1 who want an indepth-training. Day 2 is also suitable for participants of earlier workshops with Henk (2015 und 2018). A detailed description will follow here.

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