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Mit unseren regelmäßigen Veranstaltungen möchten wir alle Interessierten einladen, bei Lesungen, Workshops und Diskussionsrunden neue Informationen und Anregungen zu gewinnen und sich am Austausch mit Referenten und Gästen zu beteiligen.

Day 2 – Search secrets and the best tricks to find documents online – Workshop with Henk van Ess
28.11.2019 • Berlin

Day 2 – Search secrets and the best tricks to find documents online – Workshop with Henk van Ess


Contra intuitive method to find off-beat documents by not concentrating on the question, but predicting the patterns is the possible answer. In three big blocks you learn all about digging for documents under time pressure.

1. Backgrounding on steroids
Find quickly the background story of an unknown person with the help of sophisticated filtering. 

* We look at mr Hill, pilot who caused a plane crash but survived. In just 20 minutes we find  his royal airforce ID, his unknown company, his postings in a forum, his old, deleted website and an actual new story: he was responsible for an earlier accident.
* Also we look how domain-filtering helped to find personal data of the new boss of Shell, Ben van Beurden.
* You learn why you have to search the same name 10 times in a different way
* how to avoid tunnel vision
* how to find stuff that you don’t know existed in the first place.
* The guy who Trump trusts: backgrounding the doctor who thinks you get autism from vaccination. 

2. From hunch to headline
How to make from a hunch a headline.This segment shows you why it is important to “follow the data” and explains what that means, how to implement the strategy that makes a hypothesis out of your hunch. 

* We look at an US youth band (Billboard listed) and check all the small leads to find out that they are exploited. * We also find damaging information of the aeronautic industry about the quality of cabin air.
* We find out how a dubious think tank is financed
* Who is behind dubious ticket sales agent Viagogo
* How to strategically research a company, i.e. Palantir 

3. Blast with the past
Let’s have a blast with the past. Smart use of and other answers to the problem “Page not found” and “Error 404”. Also: how to find unknown sources outside Google.

* Sexual abuse on a marine ship
* The scandal with the oil cleaning machine
* The fraud with the Thomas Jefferson wine
*  How to get inside older postings of LinkedIn groups
* How to find information that is not in Google

In 2019 we offer 2-day workshops for the first time. On the one hand for participants who want to deal with the topics intensively and on the other hand for attendees of our workshops in the past three years who want to update and deepen their knowledge.

Day 2 is also suitable for participants of earlier workshops with Henk (2015 und 2018). 

You will learn a new language that will open a whole new world of research possibilities. The workshop will be held in English, but Henk is fluent in German, so do not hesitate to come up with questions or examples in German. 

About the trainer:  

Dutch born Henk van Ess is obsessed with finding news in data. European media houses like Axel Springer, Persgroep, European Broadcasting Union and Schibstedt love his literal and lateral thinking and hire Henk on a regular basis to spill his secrets. 

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