Award-Winning Software for Crowd Investigations

CrowdNewsroom is CORRECTIV’s newsroom-tested platform for both journalists and their readers who are looking to work together on big stories. Now available in English, CrowdNewsroom has already been at the heart of a number of CORRECTIV’s award-winning, complex investigations involving so-called ‘citizen journalists’.

The Idea

With CrowdNewsroom, we intended to spark new enthusiasm for journalism in the wider community. That’s why we launched investigative reports involving as many members of the public as possible. Society as a whole is made stronger when all of us are able to obtain the information needed to monitor the actions of the powerful – both public bodies and private companies. We believe that anyone can work as a journalist so long as they have the right tools and training to undertake the work.

The Platform

We have been working on CrowdNewsroom since 2015: a platform where journalists and citizens can investigate together. Think of it as a kind of virtual editorial team which allows editors, reporters and readers to cooperate on major investigations. CrowdNewsroom provides the individual tools for any type of investigation, for use by everyone involved.

Two of the Major Investigations so far:

Cancelled School Classes in Dortmund

In March 2017, we logged class cancellations at schools in Dortmund. More than 500 parents, teachers and students used CrowdNewsroom to log the classes cancelled at their school. The result: proof that the problem of class cancellations in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany’s most populous state, is far worse than reported by the authorities in the official statistics.

More Information (German)

Local Savings Bank (Sparkassen) Audit

More than 800 citizens scrutinised Germany’s local savings banks (known in Germany as ‘Sparkassen’) in their region in an investigation that ran until the end of 2016. They helped with the analysis of annual financial statements, photographed fee schedules and requested donation lists from their savings bank. Together, we collected information on bad loans, salaries of board directors, and excessive interest rates on overdrafts.

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