Crowd Software for Crowd Investigations

CrowdNewsroom is a platform for editorial teams who wish to conduct investigations together with their readers. Using this platform, CORRECTIV has carried out three complex investigations with many citizens.

The Idea

With CrowdNewsroom, we would like to spark the enthusiasm for journalism in many people again. That’s why we make journalistic investigations in which as many people as possible can participate. Our society becomes stronger when everyone can obtain information to monitor the actions of authorities and companies. We believe that everybody can work as a journalist, as long as they learn the methods to undertake the task.

The Platform

We have been working on CrowdNewsroom since 2015: a platform where journalists and citizens can investigate together. We consider it to be a kind of virtual editorial team which allows us to jointly tackle major investigations. We currently offer individual tools for any investigation, to be used by both journalists and citizens.

The Future

In the future, the platform will be available to all editorial teams so that they can carry out research together with their readers. In the long run, we would like to turn CrowdNewsroom, with the software behind it, into Open Source. Other media should be able to start investigations independently.

Who owns Hamburg?

Since April 2018 we have been conducting an investigation with the tenants of Hamburg. Together, we want to learn more about the owners of rental housing. We help citizens with requests for information. We want to reveal who benefits from the lack of transparency in the real estate market.

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Class Cancellations in Dortmund

In March 2017, we recorded class cancellations at schools in Dortmund. More than 500 parents, teachers and students used CrowdNewsroom to enter the classes cancelled at their school. The result: The problem of class cancellations in Germany’s largest federal state is greater than reported by the authorities in their statistics.

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Sparkassen Check

More than 800 citizens investigated the Sparkassen in their region until the end of 2016. They helped with the analysis of annual financial statements, photographed fee schedules and requested donation lists from their savings bank. Together, we collected information on bad loans, the salaries of the members of the board and excessive overdraft interest rates.

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