We empower and connect local communities and journalists in Europe through technology and cross-border investigations to strengthen democracy. We want a Europe whose local journalists investigate together European issues from their doorstep.


We will provide you with exclusive research and databases that you can use to inform your audience on a given topic relevant to them with a European approach.


Use our network to connect with colleagues who also work for local media in other European countries and investigate together with them.

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You will have access to tools, training and tips to do investigative journalism in your own communities. You will get access to a stable network of colleagues who work in local media in other European countries. You will engage with your audiences in a long term, resilient, sustainable way.

CORRECTIV, a pioneering non-profit independent newsroom in Germany. Through investigative journalism, we expose systematic abuses, hold those in power accountable and strengthen an open and democratic civil society. You can read more about us here.