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Fraudsters are every year robbing Europe’s citizens of 50 billion euros in tax money. A Europe-wide investigation by 63 journalists from 30 countries, coordinated by CORRECTIV. Read

A group of bankers and lawyers have robbed Europe’s taxpayers of €55 billion. The #CumExFiles is a joint investigation by 19 European media from twelve countries, coordinated by the German non-profit newsroom CORRECTIV. Read

A story of international arms deals – and expensive gifts in Berlin. A CORRECTIV investigation with public broadcaster ZDF’s Frontal21 and Stern magazine. Read

We’re investigating injustice and abuses of power. We’re promoting media literacy and are implementing educational programs. Learn more

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Fake news are threatening democracy. Our fact-checkers are investigating rumours and disinformation. (In German)

Our network for collaborative local journalism helps investigations with particular local relevance. (In German)

Our Turkish-language newsroom provides independent coverage of current affairs in Turkey.

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CORRECTIV is financed through donations by citizens and foundations. Please support us!