Doping in football

Holey doping tests all over Europe

The doping tests in Europe's top football leagues are full of holes. Still, there have been more than 300 doping cases in the last couple of years. An investigation for Spiegel Online done by looked into the different anti doping systems in European football.

von Daniel Drepper


The German football federation DFB says that they have the second best doping control system in the whole world. We looked into that statement. We asked football federations and anti doping agencies in 20 countries, read their annual reports and also WADA reports. After that we produced a multimedia feature for the biggester German news website Spiegel Online. The piece was published today.

Common theme is a feature about a doping control at one Bundesliga game in Nürnberg a couple of weeks ago. A map of Europe shows the differences in different anti doping systems. And an animated clip explains the German way of testing for doping in football.

Here you go: Our piece at Spiegel Online (in German)