Football Doping

CORRECTIV takes in

von Daniel Drepper

CORRECTIV is growing: As of now, is an official part of our project. The website investigates long-term developments in the abuse of doping substances and pain medication in soccer.

Daniel Drepper founded the investigative research and reporting platform in the spring of 2012. One year later, it was nominated for the Grimme Online Award. As of last year, Drepper is supported by Jonathan Sachse. Since July, both have also been working as reporters for CORRECTIV. Now, is officially part of the project as well. The Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung released our blog. We are now able run it officially with CORRECTIV.

With the help of CORRECTIV, the reporters will receive more time for their own investigations. is in it for the long run, its research could still take years. For this reason, the platform is a perfect fit for the non-profit structure of CORRECTIV, which isn’t looking to make profits, but wants to uncover fundamental structural problems to change society for the better.

In the past, the platform has worked with established media outlets such as Deutschlandfunk, Spiegel-Online or Zeit-Online. The page lives through the participation of its users. Thanks to an encrypted file upload per email and social media, more and more people are getting involved in the project. is also available in English and can be found on Twitter and Facebook.