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Das TV-Team entnimmt Proben bei Hyderabad
Super bugs

A new TV documentary reveals that superbugs are multiplying in the polluted wastewater flowing from pharmaceutical plants in India

Journalists from NDR and infectious disease researchers from the University of Leipzig travelled to India to investigate the runoff at pharmaceutical factories. In water samples collected in Hyderabad, a city known for its pharmaceutical industry, they found high concentrations of antibiotics as well as antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The results of this research were published last week in the scientific journal Infection.

Super bugs

Why CORRECTIV tackles superbugs

We have a problem with infections. And we do not have a solution. Worldwide, Superbugs – resistant against antibiotics – are on the rise. The more humans use antibiotics and the more often we feed antibiotics to livestock, the bigger our problem gets. Already, thousands of people are dying in Europe, every year.


Dark Outlook

Since the existence of antibiotics, bacteria have been learning to deal with them. Today, there is a lot of attention on these bugs. What is lacking, however, are reliable data – and effective treatments.

Super bugs

Resistance against last resort antibiotic

In November, scientists discovered resistance to the important last-resort antibiotic colistin. Since then, events have escalated. The substance is at risk of losing its designation as an emergency medication. The probable cause is its massive use in intensive meat production.

Super bugs

Gambling with profits

The pharmaceutical industry’s demands: The international community should pay for the development of new, highly efficient antibiotics. It is true: These drugs are not profitable and the demand is justified.

Super bugs

Contagious Chickens

In Britain’s poultry farming the use of an antibiotic that is important for humans has risen by 59 percent. This is proven by an investigative research conducted by the non-profit bureau TBIJ in London. cooperates with TBIJ in its report about resistant germs.

Super bugs

Effective Briefing

With a simple brochure, researchers were able to convince a large group of doctors in Britain to prescribe less antibiotics. In the scientific journal ‘Lancet’ they are talking about their experiences.

Super bugs

Young Resistance

Children’s immune systems have yet not matured, which makes them more prone to infection than adults. Antibiotics are therefore crucial drugs for the young, but even children are plagued by antibiotic resistance, an analysis shows.

Super bugs

Where the MRSA pigs live

MRSA is arguably the most well-known of the resistant bacteria. Many people even have them on their skin without even knowing it. However, it is only when the bacterium gets into the body through an open wound that it becomes dangerous. In hospitals, MRSA can cause severe wound infections in patients with weakened immune systems or after surgery.

Super bugs

Constant threat

Israel has endured several heavy outbreaks of resistant germs. The nation’s response has been exemplary. Despite the peculiarities, other countries are following its model.