Super bugs

Why CORRECTIV tackles superbugs

We have a problem with infections. And we do not have a solution. Worldwide, Superbugs – resistant against antibiotics – are on the rise. The more humans use antibiotics and the more often we feed antibiotics to livestock, the bigger our problem gets. Already, thousands of people are dying in Europe, every year.

von Hristio Boytchev , Daniel Drepper


Reason enough for CORRECTIV to investigate the issue. We want to make the problem accessible and we want to report on it long-term. We want to discuss solutions – and avoid fearmongering.

There are a lot of open questions. What role does the use of antibiotics in livestock play for infections of humans? How can we improve the hygiene in hospitals? How can we control the distribution and use of antibiotics? And who will develop new drugs to battle superbugs? We want this website to be a place for possible answers from different countries.

For this investigaiton we are cooperating with journalists from all over Europe. We want to learn together and from each other. Superbugs do not stop at national borders. European states have different experiences, individual problems and strategies. We should all profit from that.

That is why we want to work together with you, whether you are a user or a journalist yourself. If you have made your own experience with resistant germs, if you want to use our reporting for your own good or want to report about our findings – just send us an e-mail.

During the followig months we will continue to publish at You will find new scientific findings, documents and data. And we will publish stories and background information about the fight against superbugs. We are looking forward to a regular exchange with you.

You can easily reach our reporter Hristio Boytchev at

copy editing: Christine Coester
header photo: Ivo Mayr