Our finances

We greatly value the trust of our donors. Therefore, transparency in the handling of our finances and independent audits are essential for us.

For us, doing investigative work in the public interest means that our publications and activities should be available to all, not just a few. Our journalistic work does without advertising revenue and restrictive paywalls or subscription models. It is instead financed by a three-pillar model: Donations and contributions from citizens, funding from foundations and institutions that support our projects, and revenue from our own economic activities, such as workshops or book sales.

It is the task of journalism to create transparency and expose wrongdoings in our society. For this reason, we disclose incoming donations and subsidies which exceed 1000 euros. Donations from private individuals are reported as a total amount. In addition, we publish our annual balance sheet and profit and loss statement, freely accessible to everyone. We also have our finances checked every year by an independent auditor. Additionally, every quarter we provide our supporters with a report on our investigations and projects as well as revenues and expenses.

We publish our annual reports in autumn of the following year.

Donations from citizens: 877.968,68 €
Luminate – Omidyar Network Foundation: 455.977,57 €
Schöpflin Foundation: 255.394,00 €
Rudolf Augstein Foundation: 70.000,00 €
Stichting Adessium: 70.000,00 €
RAG-Foundation: 60.000,00 €
Google Germany GmbH: 60.000,00 €
German Telekom (partly Reporterfabrik): 50.000,00 €
Foundation Mercator GmbH: 49.000,00 €
Open Society Foundations: 45.879,98 €
Regionalverband Ruhr: 20.000,00 €
Twitter: 17.000,00 €
Foundation Talentmetropole: 10.000,00 €
Das Progressive Zentrum e.V.: 8.620,69 €
Hans-Böckler Foundation: 5.000,00 €
Foundation Schreibwerkstatt f. demokr. Journalismus gGmbH: 5.000,00 €
Gebruder Lotter KG: 2.500,00 €
GuD Geotechnik und Dynamik Consult GmbH: 2.000,00 €
Das Gruene Emissionshaus GmbH: 1.500,00 €
evolution GmbH: 1.000,00 €
agex IT GmbH: 1.000,00 €

Public funding for selected projects
Ruhrkonferenz (StK. NRW)
– for developing our youth newsroom: 149.880,00 €
– for the development of a software for Community Engagement: 109.546,48 €
Federal Agency for Civic Education (BpB):
– for expanding the course offers of our Reporterfabrik:
96.000,00 €

Donations from citizens: 40.666,00 €
Hamburg Foundation for Culture and Science: 32.000,00 €
Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e.V. (Institute for foreign affairs): 30.179,26 €

Special support from the Federal Foreign Office for the project „Salon Türkiye“ − 44.000 €.

Annual Report 2019 (German)

Donations from citizens: 599.546,33 €
Schöpflin Foundation: 253.550,00 €
Foundation Mercator GmbH (for 2019 und 2020): 205.000,00 €
German Telekom (Sponsoring Reporter factory): 110.000,00 €
Rudolf Augstein Foundation: 105.000,00 €
Stichting Adessium: 85.000,00 €
Open Society Foundation: 58.693,73 €
Hamburg Foundation for Culture and Science: 48.000,00 €
Reporters Without Borders e.V.: 26.300,00 €
Non-profit Hertie Foundation: 25.000,00 €
Brost-Foundation: 24.000,00 €
Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e.V. (Institute for foreign affairs): 15.374,00 €
GLS Treuhand: 10.500,00 €
Körber Foundation: 10.000,00 €
ZIVIZ gGmbH: 10.000,00 €
Dräger-Foundation: 5.000,00 €
LIO Design GmbH: 2.000,00 €
European Centre for Press and Media Freedom: 1.500,00 €

Annual Report 2018 (German)

Omidyar Network Foundation: 640.051,24 Euro
Brost-Foundation: 300.000 Euro
Schöpflin Foundation: 255.000 Euro
DNI: 230.000 Euro
German Telekom: 90.000 Euro
Open Society Foundations: 85.676,95 Euro
Adessium: 70.000 Euro
Robert Bosch Foundation: 45.233 Euro
Rudolf Augstein Foundation: 35.000 Euro
LfM Foundation for local journalism NRW: 33.750 Euro
Hamburg Foundation for Culture and Science: 44.000 Euro
Hansecity Hamburg: 29.950 Euro
Fleiss und Mut: 25.000 Euro
Federal Agency for Civic Education: 74.140 Euro
Private donors: 19.000 Euro
Mercator Foundation: 15.000 Euro
Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom: 10.000 Euro
Pharmacist Foundation Westfalen-Lippe: 7.500 Euro
ZDF: 6.000 Euro
Google Lab Fellowship: 5.500 Euro
Bank for Church and Caritas eG: 5.000 Euro
Infonetwork: 10.000 Euro
Otto-Brenner-Foundation: 1.800 Euro
Reporters Without Borders: 1.500 Euro
Erste Abwicklungsanstalt: 1.000 Euro
Becco Giallo: 1.000 Euro

Annual Report 2017 (German)

Brost-Foundation: 450.000 Euro
DNI: 270.000 Euro
Open Society Foundation: 132.138,62 Euro
Schöpflin Foundation: 120.000 Euro
Cassiopeia Foundation: 100.000 Euro
Facebook: 105.000 Euro
Hamburg Foundation for Culture and Science: 98.000 Euro
Federal Agency for Civic Education: 89.460 Euro
Rudolf Augstein Foundation: 54.111,13 Euro
Telekom: 45.000 Euro
First Draft (Eyewitness Media): 40.940 Euro
Adessium: 38.000 Euro
LfM Foundation for Local Journalism NRW: 34.400 Euro
Infonetwork: 24.672 Euro
AOK Baden-Württemberg: 23.364,49 Euro
Foundation Mercator: 18.691,59 Euro
Freedom House: 17.322,70 Euro
Google News Fellowship: 6400 Euro
NDR: 6.400 Euro
Telekom-Foundation: 5.000 Euro
Private Donors: 4.400 Euro
Journalismfund.eu: 1.667 Euro
European Journalism Center: 1.401,87 Euro
Dr. Stephan Geue: 1009,07 Euro
DJV: 1.000 Euro

Annual Report 2016 (German)

Brost-Foundation: 925.000 Euro
Stichting Adessium: 114.000 Euro
Schöpflin Foundation: 103.900 Euro
Rudolf Augstein Foundation: 60.000 Euro
Foundation Diversity and Participation gGmbH/Vor Ort NRW LfM-Foundation for Local Journalism: 51.900 Euro
Open Society Foundations: 26.884 Euro
Deutsche Bank AG: 25.000 Euro
GLS Treuhand e.V.: 23.500 Euro
Federal Agency for Civic Education: 19.350 Euro
RTL Television GmbH: 12.014 Euro
Journalismfund.eu: 10.000 Euro
Google Germany GmbH: 9.758 Euro
ZDF: 5.000 Euro
Verband der PSD Banken e.V.: 5.000 Euro
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Informationsfreiheit e.V.: 4.760 Euro
Pro Rauchfrei e.V.: 4.250 Euro
Konrad Adenauer Foundation: 6.000 Euro
Rotary Hilfe e.V.: 3.000 Euro
Bastian Schlange: 3.000 Euro
Foundation Erneuerbare Freiheit: 3.000 Euro
Heinrich Böll Foundation Nordrhein-Westfalen: 2.571 Euro
Zeitenspiegel Reportagen Reinhardt & Partner: 2.000 Euro
Gruner + Jahr GmbH & Co KG: 1.785 Euro
ZEIT-Foundation Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius: 1.500 Euro
Helmut Adam: 1.000 Euro

Annual Report 2015 (German)

Brost-Foundation: 1.447.090 Euro
Schöpflin Foundation: 106.100 Euro
Stichting Adessium: 75.000 Euro
Rudolf Augstein Foundation: 35.000 Euro
Federal Agency for Civic Education: 26.344 Euro
GLS Treuhand e.V.: 20.000 Euro
Investigate e.V.: 15.000 Euro
Heinrich-Böll Foundation: 12.000 Euro
Bernhard Jungblut: 7.902 Euro
Persgroep Nederland BV: 5.000 Euro
Deutsche Bank AG: 2.500 Euro
freeeye.tv GmbH: 1.785 Euro

Annual Report 2014 (German)

Brost Foundation 675.000 Euro

A balanced mix of our three sources of income avoids dependencies. In combination with transparent disclosure as well as a comprehensive editorial statute, the greatest possible independence is guaranteed in case of income fluctuations or external attacks. No one has any influence on the content of our work except citizens, whom we ask to participate in our activities. The work of our management is overseen by a three-member supervisory board. It meets several times a year and continuously monitors the preparation of annual plans as well as compliance with the purpose of the statutes, resolutions and legal foundations. In this context we also disclose the salaries of our management team to the public.

David Schraven, Publisher: 89.000 €
Oliver Schröm, Editor-in-chief: 83.340 € *
Simon Kretschmer, CEO: 120.000 €

David Schraven, Publisher: 89.000 €
Oliver Schröm, Editor-in-chief: 92.000 € *
Simon Kretschmer, CEO: 80.000 € *

David Schraven, Publisher: 95.197 €
Markus Grill, Editor-in-chief: 157.500 €

Christian Humborg, CEO: 64.540 € *
David Schraven, Publisher: 97.835 €
Markus Grill, Editor-in-chief: 137.793 €

Christian Humborg, CEO: 88.200 €
David Schraven, CEO: 111.038 €
Markus Grill, Editor-in-chief: 87.500 € *

Christian Humborg, CEO: 14.167 € *
David Schraven, CEO: 36.338 € *

* did not work for CORRECTIV the whole year

This transparency helps to make our work comprehensible for the public as well as donors. In addition to the extensive disclosure of our finances and the voluntary audit by an independent auditor, we are also signatories to Transparency International Germany’s commitment to transparency. We believe that it is worthwhile and desirable to show more transparency for our society.

If you have any questions, please write us and we will be happy to answer you.

CORRECTIV qualifies as equivalent to a U.S. public charity. The Equivalency Determination on File “badge” means that the organization was at one time determined by NGOsource to be equivalent to a U.S. public charity. CORRECTIV – Recherchen für die Gesellschaft gemeinnützige GmbH’s Equivalency Determination certification is valid through December 31, 2021.