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We are cooperating with

von David Schraven

We have just agreed on a strategic cooperation with, a platform for information rights. Our joint goal: to help citizens use their lawful right to information more effectively.

How does is work? Well: the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany runs, a platform for information rights. Thanks to the platform, information requests based on the Freedom of Information Act can be submitted to public authorities and departments much more easily. It supplies request forms and a whole array of information about your rights as a citizen. We can identify problems with your request and eliminate them early on. Because questions and answers are well documented, the governments readiness to provide information is laid open. When necessary, we can enforce pressure so that public offices commit to transparency in the long run. „With our platform, we want to strengthen the subject of information rights in general“, says Stefan Wehrmeyer, Chairman of the Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland and staff member of CORRECTIV.

We will closely incorporate into our program to spread the idea of information freedom. We want to include the platform in our trainings for citizens to help them enforce their right to information. With the aid of best-practice examples, we want to show how meaningful it is to make us of your rights, and what kind of success is made possible. We also want to warn of pitfalls that can occur, and which questions are dead-ends. In this way, we want to help you help yourself in your everyday life. We will give you the support you need to obtain information from your local city hall, whether it concerns road construction, business registrations, or large-scale projects. Government confidentiality is a thing of the past. Today, responsible citizens are taking matters into their own hands to autonomously enforce their right to information.

Our program is continuously growing. We will keep you updated on all our upcoming projects.