Benjamin Schubert

Benjamin war von 2017–2023 die multimediale Allzweckwaffe bei CORRECTIV und leitete das Design-Team. Zuvor arbeitete er im Verlagswesen, in der Marktforschung, im digitalen Marketing und gründete in Berlin einen Coworking Space für Künstler.

Seine Arbeiten für CORRECTIV wurden u.a. mit dem Grimme Online Award, dem Helmut Schmidt Journalistenpreis, dem Deutsch-Französischen Journalistenpreis und dem Otto Brenner Preis für kritischen Journalismus ausgezeichnet.

Seit 2023 ist Benjamin Head of Product bei Table.Media

E-Mail: benjamin.schubert(at)


The Heartland Lobby

An undercover investigation from CORRECTIV reveals how the American Heartland Institute is supporting climate change deniers in Germany with the goal of undermining climate protection measures.


A Kick On Pills – Painkillers in Football

The abuse of painkillers is a major issue in football. A year-long investigation. Interviews with over 150 people, including players, doctors and experts. A survey with more than 1,100 participants from German amateur football leagues. The #KickonPills investigation by CORRECTIV and the ARD Doping Editorial Team sheds light on a system that sidelines health for wealth.


Black Sites Turkey

In a near-repeat of the CIA’s ‘extraordinary renditions’, the regime of Turkish president Erdoğan is kidnapping dozens of members of the Gülen movement from around the world. Victims are now raising a serious accusation: secret torture sites are part of the repression. A team of nine media organizations from eight countries, coordinated by CORRECTIV, investigates.