Climate change

The Green Gas Lie

German gas providers‘ claims about their “climate-neutral” natural gas are little more than greenwashing, CORRECTIV has revealed. The gas is linked to the deforestation of supposedly protected forests and the expansion of gas-fired power stations. We expose an industry deceiving hundreds of thousands of customers and fuelling the climate crisis.

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Secret plan against Germany

It was the meeting that nobody was ever meant to find out about. Back in November, high-ranking politicians from Germany’s far-right Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party, neo-Nazis, and sympathetic businesspeople gathered in a hotel near Potsdam. Their agenda? Nothing less than the fine tuning of a plan for the forced deportations of millions of people currently living in Germany.

Deutsche Waffen für Russland

German rifles for Russia

Since the beginning of Russia's war in Ukraine more than 7000 rifles and more than 8 million shots of ammunition made by Western manufacturers made their way to Russia. Some of them are being used in the front lines. German manufacturers are affected, too – caused by sanction loopholes.

Kautschuk Lieferkette

Devastating Supply Chains

The German federal government is lobbying in Brussels for a restriction of the liability rules in the EU Supply Chain Act – seemingly under pressure from the Free Democratic Party (FDP) and industry. This has been revealed by investigations by CORRECTIV and Frontal. The example of natural rubber shows how demand in Europe drives deforestation and displacement in Africa.