We investigate issues that are of public interest, injustice and abuses of power. Our investigations are aiming at informing society and thereby safeguarding democracy. Here you can find a selection of our major investigation.


Grand Theft Europe

Fraudsters are every year robbing Europe’s citizens of €50 billion in tax money. A Europe-wide investigation by 63 journalists from 30 countries, coordinated by CORRECTIV.

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A Frontex helicopter circling over a Syrian child that reached the Greek island of Lesbos in August 2015. (Photo: REUTERS/Antonis Pasvantis)
Human Rights

Frontex: watching the watchers

Shortly before the European elections, the EU rushed through a reform of the border agency Frontex. The agency is becoming more powerful than ever. Hardly anyone can control whether the agency respects basic rights of refugees. Whether or not it really tries to save lives at sea. Nonetheless, transparency activists try their best – in their very own way. A joint investigation with the ARD magazine Report Munich.

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Black Sites Turkey

In a near-repeat of the CIA’s ‘extraordinary renditions’, the regime of Turkish president Erdoğan is kidnapping dozens of members of the Gülen movement from around the world. Victims are now raising a serious accusation: secret torture sites are part of the repression. A team of nine media organizations from eight countries, coordinated by CORRECTIV, investigates.


Journalism is not a Crime

Open letter following public prosecution proceedings against CORRECTIV’s Editor-in-Chief.


The CumEx Files

How Europe's taxpayers have been swindled of €55 billion.



In the hands of the mafia

Italy is a leading exporter of tomatoes, raking in billions of euros every year. The workers in the fields earn very little. Sexual abuse of female workers is widespread. Compared to Spain and Morocco, their situation is worse as the mafia is holding a tight grip on the region’s labour.



The dark side of Morocco’s booming agricultural exports

Just like in Spain, female workers on Morocco’s fruit and vegetable fields are subject to wide-spread sexual abuse. But in one aspect, their situation is different.


Rape in the fields

Harassed, insulted and raped – that is everyday for thousands of women working in tomato and strawberry fields of Spain, Italy and Morocco. The vegetables and fruits they harvest are sold in German supermarkets and all over Europe. First part of our investigation of workers’ sexual abuse in Spain, Morocco and Italy.

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Marco Russo


Business Cheats

Forged bonds worth billions of Euros harm the world economy. A CORRECTIV investigation reveals how international fraudsters use fake German-government bonds to trick banks and clients.

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Court Donations

Court Donations

In recent years, defendants in Germany have paid hundreds of millions of Euros to close criminal proceedings. Judges and prosecutors hand out the largest portion of this money – with hardly any oversight. This lack of transparency makes the system susceptible to corruption, says a spokesman for the senator of justice in Hamburg.

Mafia in Africa

‘Cosa Nostra AG’

Isolated and alone in only a few square metres. All around are white walls. There is nobody to talk with. Nobody to write to. Correspondence with the external world is forbidden. No emails, no Facebook. Not even hand-written letters. Just silence. Slowly, you go mad. Even the 'hour of air' is spent alone. For if these men manage to communicate with the outside and get orders to the 'family', assets and people can disappear.