campfire festival

Campfire Festival

Festival for a Better Society

The biggest German open air festival, for everyone who is interested in a better society. We’d like to have a debate with as many people as possible about our future and the issues that are most important to our society.

With our Campfire Festival, we bring journalism and social debates closer to people again. We want to demolish the boundaries between “the” media and “the” consumers. We are all part of a society in which we talk and decide together about our future. The Campfire Festival is therefore concerned with the question of how we want to shape the digital future. What will our life, our work, our communication be like in the future, if all areas of our environment are digitally permeated? What does this do to us? To us, our families, our homes, our cities, our country?

At the Campfire Festival we want to discuss these questions with as many people as possible without any barriers: with pupils, students, every woman and every man. We want to understand what a good future can look like.