Doping in football

We’re starting a newsletter

Tomorrow we at are starting a newsletter. From time to time, we'll keep you updated about our work and our results by email.

von Daniel Drepper


Over the last few months more than 300 people subscribed to our newsletter. Thanks a bunch. Meanwhile we got a bit more resources to work on through our work at the non-profit investigative newsroom CORRECTIV. Enough to finally start a newsletter on painkillers and doping in football – in addition to our facebook-page and our twitter-handle.

Through our newsletter we will tell some background stories, we will post unpublished thoughts and links to other media as well as links to new posts on this blog. The newsletter will be sent sporadicly, we won’t be another spambot in your inbox. If anyone wants to subscribe to the mailing list, please do so on the right. The list will also be available as an RSS feed.

By the way: Thanks to the support of CORRECTIV we were able to hire an intern for the months of February. Beginning next week Fabian Scheler will work with us for at least four weeks. In the past Fabian published with ZEIT ONLINE, among others. You can also reach him via twitter. We’re looking forward to his first pieces.

In case you want to support our work, you can do this by supporting CORRECTIV. The non-profit newsroom employs Jonathan and me full time and makes the work at possible. You can donate to CORRECTIV or become a member. Both can be deducted from your taxes, since we’re officially a non-profit organisation. As a member of CORRECTIV you also get access to our community with background stories, eBooks and access to our reporters.