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The published drafts of the planned TTIP chapters give us the opportunity to understand and make an impact on the free trade agreement. We invite both experts and the public to leave public comments on the TTIP-drafts on our openTTIP site.

von Justus von Daniels , Marta Orosz


The top secret TTIP drafts are now available for everyone. We want to take the opportunity and assess with you the positions of the US and the EU and what should be improved. So that everyone sees what TTIP is all about – because, if concluded, TTIP will change our future.

13 out of 24 planned chapters were first released in May as the #TTIPLeaks. We now want to take a step forward combining the knowledge, criticism and suggestions that we´ve collected. We think, this should have been done by the governments in the first place. Now, we created a tool for everyone involved to leave their comments and contribute suggestions.

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CORRECTIV ist das erste gemeinnützige Recherchezentrum im deutschsprachigen Raum. Unser Ziel ist eine aufgeklärte Gesellschaft. Denn nur gut informierte Bürgerinnen und Bürger können auf demokratischem Weg Probleme lösen und Verbesserungen herbeiführen. Diese Recherche wurde mit der Unterstützung unserer Fördermitglieder realisiert. Jetzt spenden!

We invite you to make TTIP more transparent. We would be glad if you would register with your name and organization. You can easily leave your comments on the TTIP chapters here:

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