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Knight-Mozilla-Fellow at CORRECTIV

The Knight-Mozilla OpenNews Fellowship brings developers, data journalists and newsrooms together. Next year, CORRECT!V is one of six newsrooms to host a fellow for one year. Today, the application phase begins for fellows.

von Daniel Drepper , Stefan Wehrmeyer


This fellowship is one of the best known programs in the world to pair up developers and journalists. The Knight Foundation has sponsored the fellowship since 2011. In the past, the New York Times, the Guardian, the Washington Post and ProPublica have been partners.

Next year the hosting partners are the TV program Frontline, the Los Angeles Times, National Public Radio, the online publisher Vox, the Coral Project and CORRECTIV.

Fellows of the OpenNews program will work within the newsrooms on specific projects. In the past, these have been tools for data-journalism and visualization or impact analysis of investigative stories, among others.

The fellowship promotes global exchange between participating fellows and newsrooms. The fellows will work toward a better future of journalism not only in the newsrooms, but also by attending international conferences.

From today until August 21st, everyone who is interested in journalism and technology can apply for the fellowship. The Knight Foundation pays for accommodation and living expenses for ten months. We are looking forward to the fellowship, to the new contacts – and we are excited to meet our fellow.