Doping in football

Dopingcase in German Football

There is a new doping case in Germany's professional football. Doping control officers found a cortisone substance in Francois Marque's blood. His club 1. FC Saarbrücken (third division) confirmed the positive test of the French player, says [German public TV ARD](

Doping in football

Francois Marque banned for six matches

The German Football Federation’s tribunal has ruled the positive test of Francois Marque as a doping offense. However, the defender of third division side Saarbrücken FC has been only banned for six matches as he didn’t use a classic performance enhancing product. The DFB published the verdict on its website (Press Release in German).

Doping in football

Fifa doping controls: Help us tracking!

FIFA announced one new rule in the run-up to the World Cup 2014: All players of all teams should be tested with blood and urin for the so-called biological profile prior to start of the competition. We are trying to track every doping control made by FIFA prior to the upcoming World Cup. Help us to miss nothing and get the complete picture.

Doping in football

Doping controls at the World Cup: Rather PR than serious testing

FIFA had a keen plan: Every player at the World Cup was supposed to be tested at least once before the start of the tournament. Well, it didn’t happen. The rather large number of 62 players (that’s almost three complete squads) were not tested before the World Cup. No problem for FIFA, they just tested those players during the tournament. Another issue is the travel time of doping tests. That was much longer than expected and a positive test could have led to severe consequences. Taken all this into account, we had pretty good reasons to look for some weak spots.

Doping in football

68 European football stars on steroids?

Almost eight percent of all European football stars could be on steroids. That is the result of an official study founded by UEFA. More than 4000 tests from close to 900 professional players habe been re-tested. The values of close to every twelth player were suspicious. Since the tests were anonymised, none of the 68 players will be charged. Still, the times of "doping is no problem in football" are over. We took a look at the study – and we show you where you can find it yourself.

Germany Training & Press Conference - UEFA EURO 2012
Doping in football

Müller-Wohlfahrt: How does he work?

Every time Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt declares a diagnosis the world of football believes him. Athletes from all over the world fly to Munich to get treated by the team doctor of Bayern Munich and the German national federation DFB. But experts critizise his work and his advertisement for food supplements. How does Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt work?

Doping in football

Holey doping tests all over Europe

The doping tests in Europe's top football leagues are full of holes. Still, there have been more than 300 doping cases in the last couple of years. An investigation for Spiegel Online done by looked into the different anti doping systems in European football.