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CORRECTIV starts international graphic novel fellowship

We at CORRECTIV are happy to announce two graphic novel fellowships for artists. One from the Middle East and one from subsaharan Africa. In the framework of this fellowship, illustrators from the respective regions can apply for a six-months full scholarship. CORRECTIV selects the fellows. The call was closed on 1st of September 2016.

von David Schraven

XXX Update: The call for applications was closed on 1st of September 2016 XXX

CORRECTIV will invite two fellows for six months to Berlin. Each fellow will receive free housing, roughly 10.000 Euro for expenses for living in Berlin for six months, and the flights to and from Berlin.

Each fellow will work with us in our newsroom on one of our investigation to transfer it into a graphic novel. After the end of the fellowship we will publish the novel as a book as part of our publishing activities – and we will publish it on our website, so that everybody can have access to the work.

We would like the illustrators to bring ideas from the graphic traditions of their home countries and regions. This will also be an important impulse for the graphic novel scene in Europe. We know, that there are excellent illustrators in Asia and Africa.

Our fellowship offers the opportunity to develop investigative stories about blood diamonds, inside views of terrorists groups, the abuse of child soldiers, about the history of European colonalism or international slave trade.

We are sure, that illustrators who apply to the fellowship will deliver great impulses.

We encourage specifically female illustrators to apply.

If you are an illustrators or a comic artist and you are interested in the fellowship, please send your application latest 31. August 2016 to David Schraven. Please use this email-adress:

XXX Update: The call for applications was closed on 1st of September 2016 XXX

Please include in your application some examples of your work, your curriculum vitae and the six month period, you would like to stay in Berlin (between 1 October 2016 and 31 September 2017).

The fellowship is supported by the Open Society Foundations.


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