We expose injustice. We’re independent and non-profit.


Investigations in the public interest

What we stand for

We are the first nonprofit investigative newsroom in the German-speaking world. Our goal is to give citizens access to information.

We are one of the many answers to the media crisis. The old models of business are losing effectiveness. At the same time, journalists need to find better ways of explaining an increasingly complex world. Publishers are shutting down newspapers or cutting their budgets. Digital media has not been able to make up for this loss. The media has trouble fulfilling its watchdog role. CORRECT!V aims to change this: we want to make investigative and informative journalism affordable and accessible to media organizations throughout Germany.

For this reason, CORRECT!V is also initiating an education program to pass on the methods of investigative journalism. This can help empower citizens to gain access to information and promote transparency.

Our Model

CORRECT!V is exclusively financed through charitable endowments as well as donations from readers and users. In cooperation with various media, CORRECT!V shares its investigations and stories with large and small newspapers and magazines as well as with radio and TV stations. Beyond that, we look for innovative ways to publish larger stories on the internet. With no print or circulation costs, CORRECT!V focuses on content. The bulk of our funds go directly towards extensive investigative research that many media outlets can no longer afford. We want to uncover abuses of power and effectively strengthen our democracy. This requires investigative journalists who delve deep into the issues, work on a topic for years at a time and publish regularly – as well as interested and informed citizens who are concerned with these revelations.

Our heads

CORRECT!V was brought to life by renowned journalists and programmers. Some of them hold leading positions in regional and national media outlets. They are distinguished and specialized in investigative journalism. They have experience in education and are long-standing advocates for a more transparent society. They have excellent networks at a national and international level. The creators of CORRECT!V stand for first-class independent investigative journalism and journalistic education.

Our path

CORRECT!V employs classical investigative journalists, but also online and data-focused journalists as well as programmers. Using state-of-the-art technology, we aim to fulfill the complex requirements of journalistic investigation and representation in a digital age. That way we hope to inspire as many people as possible to interact with our work. CORRECT!V is breaking new ground.

Our issues

CORRECT!V researches the threats and challenges our society faces, abuses of power and corruption in politics, business, sports and culture, topics such as environment, education, health and social justice as well as right-wing and religious extremism. All the issues are of national importance and have considerable impact on the ground. CORRECT!V deals with topics that directly concern the people.

Our structure

CORRECT!V is a project initiated by the charitable organization “CORRECTIV – Recherchen für die Gesellschaft” (“CORRECTIV – Research for Society”) which is based in Essen. We have a number of permanent employees and work with freelance journalists. Next to our headquarters in Essen we also have an office in Berlin. An ethics council which includes renowned journalists oversees the work of CORRECT!V.

Our funding

CORRECT!V is a nonprofit organization and exempt from taxation under German law. Our funding comes entirely from charitable foundations as well as membership fees and donations from our users and readers. CORRECT!V does not depend on sales or advertising. We do not accept money from people who want to tell us how to work. We list all donations of more than €1000 on our website. CORRECT!V is nonprofit, independent and investigative.

Our initial funder

The Essen-based Brost Foundation is financing the establishment of CORRECT!V. The Brost Foundation is a politically independent charitable organization. It is known and recognized as a reputable organization.

Its founders, Anneliese Brost and her husband Erich Brost, are two of the most important publishing figures in German history. Erich Brost was a member of parliament for the SPD in the Free City of Danzig before he had to flee from the Nazis at the beginning of the Second World War. He returned to Germany from English exile in the summer of 1945. Rather than returning to politics, he founded the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (WAZ) in the industrial Ruhr area. He aimed to promote the open exchange of information, fostering democratic engagement by helping workers partake in society. Through the efforts of Erich Brost and his wife Anneliese, German journalism reemerged from a dark era.

Today, a part of their legacy is helping to establish a new chapter in journalism that helps build a more democratic and transparent future.

We are grateful for this trust.

Independent Journalism