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Can Dündar, founder of #Özgürüz, and the reporters are providing independent coverage of current affairs in Turkey. #Özgürüz in particular is giving a voice to those who are no longer heard in Turkey’s controlled media. Can has established #Özgürüz jointly with CORRECTIV.

Jointly with Can Dündar, we operate the online medium #ÖZGÜRÜZ. Translated from Turkish, it means “We’re free.” As one of the last free media, its reporters provide independent coverage from several cities in Turkey. Millions of people are reached via the moving image channels of #ÖZGÜRÜZ in the social media. The outreach via Twitter accounts is around five million users. In addition, there are several million hits on the videos distributed via the Periscope streaming service.

Recent coverage highlights included live reports on the suppression of the protests by “Saturday Mothers”, reports on forest fires triggered by war in southeastern Turkey, and the violent suppression of strikes in Istanbul. #ÖZGÜRÜZ is one of the few media that allows experts to have their say on the causes of the Turkish economic crisis. All of this is news that can no longer be disseminated in the state-controlled Turkish media landscape.

The commitment to free reporting in Turkey is, however, not only important for Turkey, where, under the most adverse conditions, people are given the floor who should no longer be heard. This news are also important in Germany, to show the Turkish-speaking population in this country on a daily basis that there is also another Turkey, different from the one presented by the state media. This work is necessary to do something against the social drift. Even voices critical of the government must be heard in a society.

#ÖZGÜRÜZ is financed by its own community and donations. Support is important and necessary to secure the project in the long term.

The #ÖZGÜRÜZ website (Turkish / German)

Header photo: OZAN KOSE / AFP