We hold the firm belief that well-informed citizens can solve problems and bring about improvements democratically. That is why we share our knowledge and cooperate with local and international partners. Through our journalistic projects, we aim to educate and engage our readers, as well as strengthen civil society in the longterm through media literacy.

Using the crowd newsroom we developed, journalists and citizens can jointly compile information and documents. Our citizen investigation “Who owns Hamburg?” was awarded the Grimme Online Prize in 2019.

Our editorial team of fact-checkers uncover false information, rumors and half-truths on a daily basis. Since the flood of misinformation is a global problem, CORRECTIV.Faktencheck is part of an international network of fact-checkers, the IFCN of the US-based Poynter Institute. (in German only)

Our German network for local journalism offers the opportunity for local media to jointly carry out large-scale investigations. This produces publications that are particularly relevant to local citizens but also have national significance. (in German only)

We run the online medium #ÖZGÜRÜZ in cooperation with the exiled Turkish journalist Can Dündar, who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. It is in particular those voices that are no longer allowed to broadcast in the controlled Turkish media landscape that get their say on it. (in Turkish and German only)

The climate crisis is a global one, but we feel it on a local level. Our own climate editorial team takes a constructive approach and investigates the associated challenges with people on-site. (in German only)

CORRECTIV has initiated its own educational program with an online academy consisting of the Reporterfabrik (reporter factory) and the Bürgerakademie (citizens’ academy). Media skills and journalistic craftsmanship are taught in more than 100 scheduled workshops with more than 1100 tutorials in the form of learning videos and exercises. There is also a separate program for schoolchildren and their teachers. (in German only)

Our youth editorial office Salon5 gives teenagers the opportunity to learn how to work with media and experiment with different types of format and content. (in German only)

We invite people to debates across Germany. Our reporters engage in exchanges with readers at panel discussions and give workshops on investigation techniques, how to spot fake news and much more. Interested citizens also meet regularly at our Campfire Festival

Through our own publishing house, we regularly publish books, graphic novels and other print products on current topics. Our portfolio includes the “Illustrated Mueller Report” as a German translation of the Washington Post bestseller, as well as books on corruption and Europe-wide tax fraud. At the CORRECTIV bookstore in Essen, we regularly host readings, discussions, concerts and workshops. (in German only)