Pharma companies in Austria publish information about their payments to doctors and other health care professionals and organisations from the last year.

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Doctors with highest payments
Thomas Berger €135,715.69
Robert Pirker €69,975.02
Bernd Lamprecht €60,933.32
Georg Stingl €55,529.03
Thomas Grünberger €53,133.00
Shahrokh Shariat €49,987.07
Rainer M Schmid €40,225.80
Andreas Stümpflen €36,580.32
Hubert Koller €36,248.58
Michael Studnicka €34,358.24

Pharma companies pay doctors to observe how well patients tolerate certain drugs. These ”observational studies” are useless for science. But doctors receive 669 Euro on average – per patient. This database shows for the first time the scope of these studies – and which drugs are pushed the most. Read the background article

Top drugs by study patients
Eliquis 125,000 patients
Dotarem 96,677 patients
Xenetix 94,765 patients
MultiHance 57,130 patients
Typhoral 50,000 patients