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HELIOS Kliniken Schwerin Wismarsche Str. 393-397
19055 Schwerin
Inn-Salzach-Klinikum gGmbH Gabersee 7
83512 Wasserburg
Psych. Klinik Marienborn Luxemburger Str. 1
53909 Zülpich


Independent journalism needs independent funding

Others can write stories. We want to reveal. We are the first investigative newsroom in Germany, which is independent, ad-free, and non-profit.

For us, the core of journalism means uncovering injustice and shortcomings in society. That’s why we investigate corruption in the health system, politicians abusing their power, and an elite that believes that rules are for the others.

To do our job, we need people, who support us. We ask you, too, to become a member and enable the work of 16 investigative journalists at CORRECTIV.

We are convinced that without independent and critical media, democracy fought for and won by our ancestors, cannot survive for long.