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In 2016, pharma companies in Austria published information about their payments to doctors and other health care professionals and organisations from the last year.

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Only around 19 percent of the amount paid to doctors and health care professionals for fees and conference and travel expenses was published on an individual basis in 2016. The remaining amount was only published as an aggregate sum. For organizations, 62 percent of the total amount was attributed to individual organizations.

Detailed payments to doctors related to studies and non-interventional studies are not published by the pharma companies.

Ali Kaan Akmanlar agreed to the publication of these payments:

Company Payment type
Total €174.00
AstraZeneca Österreich GmbH travel & accommodation €174.00

The information on this page come from member companies of the “Association of the pharmaceutical industry in Austria” (“PHARMIG”) who published these payments on their websites.

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