Journalism school for everyone

We would like to help a transformation towards an editorial society by training journalists and non-journalists alike. Disinformation has increased dramatically through the increased spread of fake news. Every democratic society needs a functioning public to ensure a free forming of public opinion.

Never before has the media audience been more diverse. At the same time, the media audience is more vulnerable than ever. Through the targeted dissemination of fake news and the denial of proven facts by rulers and populists, disinformation has increased dramatically. Every democratic society needs a robust audience that is immune to attempts at division and manipulation. Otherwise, free formation of opinion is no longer guaranteed.

This is where we work with our Reporterfabrik. We want to help the audience to be qualified, conveying journalistic knowledge and craft to interested citizens, making the work of classical and social media transparent and turning recognisable attempts at disinformation.

And it wants to bring journalists closer to a new relationship with their audience. Thus, an editorial society can emerge for the benefit of all – it is all about the readers of tomorrow, about the journalism of the future.

The Reporterfabrik is managed by Cordt Schnibben, one of the most renowned journalists in Germany. It is a joint project with the Reporterforum.

The German Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier commented on our efforts:

“In the end, this democracy consists of responsible citizens who want to be able to make their own judgements in a complex world. Education and media competence are indispensable prerequisites for this.”

Reporterfabrik is offered in German only; see here for more information.