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The negotiations about the free trade treaty TTIP take place behind closed doors. The documents about the meetings are not public. That creates mistrust. Nobody knows which positions are talked about in what way. Are citizens losing against corporate interests? Does the lobby industry undermine our democracy? What does the US and what do the European states really want to accomplish?

We want to bring some light into this. And that’s way we are publishing a multitude of confidential documents that we have received under the hashtag #openTTIP. The documents show which states have which interests, about which questions they argue about the most and which side block the negotiations.

We think that more transparency leads to a better discussion about this treaty. So: if you have document about TTIP that the public should know about, send them to us. You can use our anonymous dropbox. We will check all available documents, clean them up and publish them on our website.

We are also interested in all available position papers that have been sent by lobbyists to the governments of the EU and the US.

Do you have documents? Then please send them to us. We have an anonymous dropbox here:



EU positions (english)

Comments EU states (english)

EU reports about the negotiation rounds (english)

EU reports about the negotiation rounds (german)

Protocols about EU meetings (german)

Protocols about EU meetings (english)

US documents (english)

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Reports to the negotiation rounds

position papers

Text proposals

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